If you’re not from Finland, you may have never considered adding a sauna to your home. Although it’s a significant expenditure, once constructed, a sauna adds value to the home, requires very little upkeep and can give a lot of health benefits.

Whether you buy a pre-cut sauna packaged or a pre-built, free-standing sauna, your sauna will take up a lot of space in your home. At-home saunas are generally anywhere from 1 x 2 meters to 2,7 x 3 meters. Moreover, make sure there is a waterproof floor and an access to a 220 – to 240-volt electrical hookup for the heater. Also, you may want to place your at-home sauna near a shower for convenience.

Simple maintenance

Unlike swimming pools and hot tubs, saunas rarely require maintenance. Aside from periodically cleaning the floor, you can leave saunas alone entirely. All types of sauna heaters – electric, gas, and wood – have few moving parts and rarely break down.

Great value

Sauna makes your home more valuable. If you want to invest in your home to make it more valuable for your own or you want to rent it or sell it, sauna considerably raises the price.

Good investment

Sauna is the long-term profitable investment. Especially if you often visit the sauna, costs are high. Additionally, it is incomparable if only you use the sauna and if it is used by hundreds of people. Of course, commercial saunas have to respect high standards of hygiene, but the feeling of having your own sauna is different.