Backrests will make your sauna experience even better. The choice of wooden backrests is big, and the goal is the same – to make a stay in sauna more pleasurable.

Sit comfortably

Sometimes, a straight bench is not enough to relax in a sauna. Lying straight is painful, especially if your back is injured or you feel pain in your neck. Wooden backrests and pillows made for sauna can be fixed or mobile, depending on your needs.

Painful back and neck

Eight hours sitting or standing at work or injury can cause pain in your back or neck. Relaxing in the sauna can ease the pain, but sitting or lying down on the bench can be uncomfortable. Backrests are designed to release even the most painful back and neck.

Easy to choose

Online shops offer plenty choices of backrests and many of them are high quality and good price. So, everyone can find something for themselves.

Why choose backrest?

  • Easy to clean

  • Sauna walls stay clean

  • Ergonomic design makes your stay in sauna more comfortable

Before making a final decision, compare few different manufacturers, their offers and prices, then decide. Do not forget to check delivery costs and the possibility of return or change of product.