Barrel sauna is a good option if you want sauna near the house, in the yard or in the garden. This type of sauna looks like a barrel, simple design is highly effective, providing most usable space while minimizing excess cubic feet, which means the sauna will heat quickly and efficiently. Barrel sauna uses electricity or wood as the source of heat.


1. Simpler than Lego

One need not to be handy to assemble a barrel sauna. Barrel saunas are a clever design. They need no major tools for cutting for assembly. Barrel saunas are “built” on site by placing the milled 2×4 cedar boards along the circumference of the two circular end walls, then strapping everything in place with the set of locking rings provided. It is possible do order it online – Almost Heaven Saunas – Barrel Sauna


2. Ship easy

Barrel saunas ship unassembled like this – Outdoor Barrel Sauna Room 7′ x 7′ -Wood Fired Heater. There’s a pallet stack door, stove, benches and a set of circular end rings. It can be shipped anywhere.


3. Without isolation and vapor barrier

Barrel saunas ship and assemble easily, but the walls are not insulated and don’t have a vapor barrier. Imagine cold blowing snow hitting one side of the wood, and a sauna stove firing heat against the other side of the wood. That’s a lot of temperature extremes.


4. No changing room

The sauna bather steps out from a sauna’s hot room directly outside, that could as well be a mighty cold wind. If you’re not experienced enough, that could be a problem at the beginning. Sauna session works when one is able to properly cool the entire body down, back to a normal temperature, before enjoying another session in the hot room. This process only works when we can chill out in a cool temperature area, sipping a beverage of choice with that smile of “damn this feels good.”


5. Close the door!

In cold climates “close the door” becomes an even louder command in a barrel sauna. Sauna parties with a barrel sauna can devolve into blasts of cold air frustration, trying to keep up the good heat as folks develop their own version of temperature ADD discomfort due to the sauna door opening and closing.


6. No upper bench

There is only one bench height. Conventional saunas work well as the sauna bather can choose to sit on an upper bench for good heat or sit on the lower bench where the heat is less intense. In the barrel sauna, you don’t have a choice.


7. Looks cramped

For some sauna bathers, this type of design looks cramped. The main reason is the circular sauna design, with no corners, barrel sauna companies can rightly boast the benefit of a rolling heat. However, there is enough place to rest and relax.


8. Sauna in the yard

Barrel saunas can assemble anywhere,  separate from a primary dwelling, the sauna bather can better experience a health and wellness regimen which includes fresh air and nature while chilling out between rounds in the garden all misty wet with rain. Check special offer in December – Barrel Sauna (Rustic Cedar).