Cold shower – healthy body

Cold water brings more benefits for the human body than a hot water. But, change your habits gradually. Take some time to adapt because cold water can be stressful for the organism. Remember the shivering after swimming in the cold sea or river? Unlike the sea, you can gradually  reduce temperature of a shower. During time body will accept cold water as normal. If you feel cold just thinking about it, maybe you will change your mind if knowing that cold water makes you resistant to coldness. If there is no way to get used to cold water, lukewarm water will be a good change for your skin and hair. Scientific research proves many benefits of a cold shower.

Cold shower – benefits:

1. Shock raises adrenalin

Combine cold and warm water. Gradually reduce the temperature of the water. Only 10 seconds under the cold shower will bring benefits for the skin and hair, says Dr. Cheung.

2. Cold shower against depression

Hormone norepinephrine stimulates the mood. Reduce the temperature and freeze all bad emotions!

3. Good for the hair and skin

Hair, skin and nails become stronger under the cold water. Cold water hydrates and reduces brittleness.

4. Improving circulation and deepens breathing

Shocking vascular system with cold water makes heart stronger and increases oxygen in the whole body. Airways spread and breathing becomes deeper.

5. Active metabolism

Faster metabolism speeds up digestion and consumes more calories.

6. Relax muscles

To reduce trauma, cold water is first aid for muscle injuries. Cold shower relaxes and cools painful muscles.

7. Against stress

Release stress accumulated in back and neck muscles with a cold shower.

8. Good for sleep

At the same time, cold water encourages adrenalin, and relax. After showering, a relaxed body is ready for the sleep.

9. Strong immunity

Taking cold shower regularly, preparing immunity for the fight with cold and flu.