Even you’re the biggest fan of the sauna, there are some suggestions you can accept and make your sauna experience better than ever.

1. Spend time with friends in the sauna

Sauna in Finnland is a very social experience. Except for portable sauna, they are built for more than one person. Instead of coffee breaks, you can spend time in sauna, talk, listen to music or just companionship. Good social life brings significant benefits to health.

2. Exercise before or after the sauna

There is endless debate about whether sauna use before or after exercise is optimal. However, follow your personal preference. Coordinating exercise with a cleansing and relaxing is an additional benefit for your health. In case you choose an exercise or without combination with exercise, remember to hydrate.

3. Hydration

To have best sauna effect, the body has to be fully hydrated. Avoid alcohol, juices or sweet drinks. Plain water will help your body to detox. And, don’t forget to hydrate your skin.

4. Music therapy

Music soothes mind and body. Preferred music in combination with relaxation in sauna removes stress and everyday concerns. Make sure your audio system can withstand the heat and moisture.

5. Aromatherapy

Eucalyptus, citrus, peppermint or birch stock added to water will make your sauna experience unforgettable. The essential oils have different medicinal and disinfectant qualities. Try them.