In a traditional Finnish sauna, humidity is low. They throw water on stones to make the steam. Originally, Finnish use plain water from tap, lake or spring, but not the sea water in the sauna and  Baltic nations add herbs to water. Herbs added to the water produce fragrance and health benefits for the organism. While it doesn’t matter do you prefer the smell of natural tar and wood or you like aromatics fragrances, you definitely need a bucket and ladle in the sauna.

How to choose the right bucket and ladle?

The choice is big, but there are few things you should know before the final decision. First, there is an offer of wooden like this Wooden Sauna Bucket and metal buckets and ladles like this Luxury Finnish Sauna Bucket in Copper Including Matching Ladle on the market. Second, a wooden bucket is the traditional option and will most definitely fit the look, but needs proper care – there should always be some water in it while inside the sauna, or it will dry out and separate. Wood is a good choice as it is quite resistant to heat. Third, a metal bucket and ladle can be used too, but you should choose stainless steel bucket to prevent corrosion. Be aware that like any piece of metal in a sauna, a metal bucket will get hot fairly quickly so you should keep it on the floor to prevent this.