When you feel relaxed, time passes quickly. Sometimes, 15 minutes seems very short, but sometimes, you can’t endure more than few minutes at high temperature. Don’t force yourself, adjust your stay in sauna to your own possibilities. If you’re experienced, you can stay in sauna longer than 15 but never more than 20 minutes. Be careful, avoid dehydration and overheating. Time for cooling is as long as the time spent in the sauna. So, if you stay in sauna for 10 minutes, spend seven minutes on fresh air, and three minutes under the cold shower or in the pool.

Wooden clocks and sand timers

Clocks made from cedar or birch are simple clocks or combination of the thermometer, hygrometer, and clock like this Wooden Sauna Hygrothermograph Thermometer Hygrometer. Simple design can fit in any room inside the home. Sand timers Are especially made for saunas where sand seeps 15 minutes and reminds it is time to leave the sauna. This one Wood Sauna Room Sandglass Sand Timer sand Hourglass Countdown clock 15 minute  is ideal for every sauna.