Using sauna is not science fiction, and behaving according to a few simple rules will make stay in the sauna very useful. Russian writer Genadij Petrovic Malahov, promoter of healthy life and alternative medicine knows a lot about water therapy and strengthening the body with hot and cold water. He knows saunas very well. Below are his eight recommendations for using saunas.

1. Do not enter the sauna after the meal, it could be very bad for the body. But do not enter the sauna on empty stomach. The best is, eat some fruits or vegetables and drink lots of water, not beer or juices.

2. Best time for visiting sauna is before noon, the rested organism easily endures high temperature. Sauna is a physical effort, but it can’t replace exercise.

3. The organism gradually becomes accustomed to high temperature. In line with that, gradually move from lower to the higher bench in the sauna, which means from lower to a higher temperature.

4. If you feel cold, take shower with the warm water before entering the sauna. When you feel ready, enter the sauna.

5. Because of hygiene, take shower before entering the sauna, but avoid wetting hair because there is a danger of overheating. Do not forget to wipe your body with a towel.

6. Protect your head with hat or towel. Use woolen glove to sweep sweat and peeling of the skin.

7. After entering the sauna lie or sit in comfortable place and start relaxing. Lying is the best for relaxing the muscles.

8. After exiting the sauna, during shower, gradually lower the temperature of the water. At the end, take shower with the cold water. The cycle of heating and cooling repeat three times a day.

 Before entering the sauna, learn more about reasons to avoid the sauna and other rules to preserve your health in the sauna.