Installing home sauna is a huge undertaking, and you will have a lot of decisions to make. Here is an overview of what you’ll need to do to prepare.


1. Premade model or build your own sauna?

First, there are assembled and ready to install saunas, others are in kit form, and there are custom-built onsite saunas. If you don’t have enough space, you can choose portable sauna. Pricing varies widely, depending on size, materials and many other factors. Moreover, the wiring has to support voltage of around 220, and you may need to add an exhaust vent nearby to siphon off moisture generated by the steam.

2. Determine: indoors or outdoors sauna?

External saunas are a good option if you want sauna near the pool or overlooking a view. However, indoor saunas are more common.

3. Few options for materials

Cedar is a classic choice because of the pleasant fragrance, it resists rot, and doesn’t excess heat. Other choices are hemlock or spruce.

4. Heat source

The traditional wet-dry sauna uses a wood-burning or electric heat source with stones. It warms room and body. While infrared technology heats the body directly without warming the room.

5. How big sauna do you need

Decide about how you plan to use the sauna, yourself or with family and friends? Do not spend money and energy to heat unused space.