Fragrances in sauna

If you decide to have your own sauna, don’t think like Finnish people. In Finnish sauna, there is no added fragrances, essentials oils or medicinal herbs. Except for fresh birch (it is possible to add birch aroma like this Birch (Sweet) Essential Oil 100% Pure) and natural tar, they don’t prefer added fragrances. But, fragrances in sauna heal and remove smells of moisture.

Can you imagine the smell of freshly baked bread? Add beer or yeast in the water and throw it on the stove. The smell of the baked bread will fill out the sauna. Or, you like the fragrance of the garden full of flowers? Then use watermelon juice with water and throw it on the stove.

You can create your own combination of medicinal herbs. Use primary herbs in the different combinations:

  • Mint – eases swallow, fatigue, cools and relaxes.

  • Thyme – it’s intensive fragrance is pleasurable, eases laryngitis and joint inflammation.

  • Wild oregano – looks like thyme, with the same fragrance and similar healing performances.

  • St. John’s Wort oil – disinfects the room and it has vitamin C.

  • Tussilago – known as coltsfoot eases laryngitis and cough.

  • Chamomille – stimulates sweating, it’s antiseptic performance is good for the throat and the airways.

If you decide to make a cocktail of few herbs, add absinthe or black currant. These two herbs heal and have intense fragrance. Put herbs in hot water and let it simmer for a while. If you like intensive fragrance, add mint or eucalyptus in your cocktail. Or, you can add oil Eucalyptus Essential Oil Premium.

When and how to throw the water on the stove?

Finns use plain water from the tap, spring or lake, but not the sea water. If you decide to add cocktail to the stove, first cool the stove with plain water. Throw the water on the stove few times, and then add herbs cocktail. Repeat this process and breathe deeply.