How long to stay in a sauna?

To achieve a positive effect, at least eight minutes. However, pay attention to how you feel. Sauna session should not be longer than 15 minutes. So, approximately 10 minutes. Experienced sauna visitors stay 20 minutes, but, if you’re the beginner, 10 minutes will be perfect.

There is one simple trick, the temperature on the lower bench, if there are two or three benches, is a little cooler, sit there. There is no competition who will stay longer, sauna is not a sport. If you don’t feel comfortable, end your sauna session and cool your body with a cool shower, get rest and then take another session the same amount of time.

Before another session

After your second session, take a warm shower and a glass of cool water, then take it easy for a little while.

You should always listen to your body though, your tolerances for the heat of the sauna can change dependant on how you feel on the day and if you have a sensation of light-headedness or feel faint, then take a break.

Three sessions

A sauna visit normally consists of three sauna sessions, but it is depending on your personal health. In case of multiple saunas visits a week the number of sauna sessions should be reduced in order not to stress the body.

Pay attention to how you feel. The first time you take a sauna bath you may want to leave after a few minutes but if you are comfortable you can stay slightly longer—just no longer than 15 minutes.

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