When to avoid the sauna?

In case of some particular diseases, going to the sauna is not advisable. If you are in doubt, ask a doctor for the advice. In one hand, the sauna can decrease some symptoms of diseases. In the other hand, the sauna can complicate certain health issues.

Flu and cold

Build strong immunity in the sauna and avoid seasonal infections, such as flu or cold. But, if you already feel the symptoms, do not enter the sauna. You can destroy your own health, and infect other people in the sauna.


Relaxing airways in the sauna can help some asthmatic problems. If asthma is acute, problems can increase in the sauna. Ask a doctor for the advice.

Veins disease

Healing problems with veins in the sauna are not possible. Healthy veins become stronger in the sauna, but if there are some problems, before entering the sauna, ask a doctor for the advice.

Heart disease

If the doctor recommends, heart disease and circulation problems can decrease with treatments in the sauna.

Blood pressure

Reduce high blood pressure in the sauna, but avoid cooling with the cold water.

Kidney disease

Do not heal acute diseases in the sauna without doctor’s advice. But, sauna prevents and reduces problems with kidney stones.

Before entering the sauna, explore more recommendations, and other rules to preserve your health in the sauna.