Sauna can’t be bad, respect the rules!

Exposure to high temperature in the sauna and cooling after the sauna is good for the body, but there are some rules. If you respect the rules, the sauna can do many benefits for the organism.

Before and while in the sauna

  1. Before sauna is the best to eat fruits and vegetables, do not eat too much and avoid “junk” and fast food. Don’t go to the sauna on empty stomach.
  2. Low blood pressure can be problematic. People with low blood pressure should stay shorter period of time in the sauna.
  3. Take a big towel and lie on it.
  4. Relax, reduce the movement and conversation to a minimum. The lack of oxygen creates a burden on the airways and bloodstream.
  5. Stay in sauna 10 minutes or less. People with more sauna experience can stay longer, but not more than 20 minutes.
  6. For the last few minutes sit up to avoid dizziness.
  7. In case of chronic disease, ask the doctor about using the sauna.
  8. For the healthy people, there are no age limits for the sauna.

After the sauna

  1. Cooling time should be as long as the stay in the sauna.
  2. First, cool the body on the fresh air, then take a shower or take a swim in the pool.
  3. Avoid immediately taking the shower or relaxing in the pool, especially if you have high blood pressure.
  4. Relax in the pool, swimming is a needless effort.
  5. After cooling, you can repeat the process two more times.
  6. Rest and cool down well before leaving the sauna, especially if it’s cold outside.

Before entering the sauna, explore more recommendations, and reasons to avoid the sauna.