Christmas in the sauna

How to surprise sauna lover this Christmas? Well, we have many amazing ideas, because we are sauna lovers and we know what we want for this Christmas. Don’t worry, this list is enough long to find something that you, your sauna buddy or someone who love sauna need for better sauna experience. Here is an opportunity to be original these holidays and to surprise someone who loves saunas with something valuable.

This list is created according to our experience and ideas during many years of researching and visiting saunas. For more information, click on the pictures, or read our sauna shopping guide.

  1. Twigs

    A vasta or vihta, whose name depends on the region, is a bundle of fresh birch twigs used for gently whipping the body. At the summer birch twigs are fresh, and in Finland, frozen twigs are available at supermarkets throughout the year. But you can buy twigs here online – Birch twigs for Sauna. Usually, Finnish use birch twigs. Instead of birch, oak, linden or fir twigs can be used. Using twigs is really good for the skin. Whipping with twigs draws warmth to the body and, at the end, use twigs instead of a towel, to wipe the skin.

  2. Bucket and ladle

    In a traditional Finnish sauna, humidity is low. They throw water on stones to make the steam. Originally, Finnish use plain water from tap, lake or spring, but not the sea water in the sauna and  Baltic nations add herbs to water. Herbs added to the water produce fragrance and health benefits for the organism. While it doesn’t matter do you prefer the smell of natural tar and wood or you like aromatics fragrances, every passionate sauna lover definitely needs a bucket and ladle in the sauna. There are metal and wooden buckets and ladles, both are useful, while different tastes make final decision.

  3. Bathrobe

    Every sauna lover has a collection of bathrobes. Bathrobes are comfortable and warm, easy to wear and wash. If you know someone who loves sauna, you won’t make mistake if you choose bathrobe for him/her. Click on the picture and find this amazing Christmas discount.

  4. Backrest or headrest

    Backrests will make your sauna experience even better. The choice of wooden backrests is big, and the goal is the same – to make a stay in sauna more pleasurable.


    • Easy to clean

    • Sauna walls stay clean

    • Ergonomic design makes your stay in sauna more comfortable

  5. Thermometer and hygrometer

    Temperature and humidity are very important in the sauna. It depends on types of sauna, while Finnish sauna has high temperature and low humidity, Turkish bath has a high level of humidity and lower temperature. However, new thermometer and hygrometer is always a good idea to give to someone who has own sauna.

  6. Essential oils

    Fresh birch and natural tar are usual smells in the sauna. But every sauna can become the place with the best smell on the Earth. Everything needed is few drop of essential oils. Every sauna lover will be amazed at this present.