About sweating

Sweating during the physical activity and sweating because of negative emotions are not the same. During the physical activity, sweat is a combination of salt and water without the smell. Glands make bad smell because, besides salt and water, sweat contains proteins and fats. Bacteria on the skin eats substances of sweat and makes smells. To avoid sweating during the stress, enter the sauna, relax and sweat inside the wooden room!

Benefits of the sweating

1. Detoxification

Toxins in the body can cause serious diseases, such as cancer or Alzheimer. Sweating is simply method of cleansing the body of toxins, cholesterol, alcohol and salt.

2. Skin care

Sweating cleans the skin, but too much sweating can cause eczema and acne. Be careful, and ask for a doctor’s advice.

3. Kidney stones

Sweating regulates salt in the body. Stones in kidneys are the combination of the calcium and salt. Besides, due to sweating people tend to drink more and help cleansing of kidneys and bladder.

4. Against flu and cold

Salt is a natural antibiotic. It destroys bacteria and virus which, in touch with sweat, won’t be able to resist and to attack the organism.

5. Regulate blood pressure

Salt is one of the main factors to raise blood pressure. Sweating and regulating salt in the organism helps to regulate blood pressure.

 If you decide to sweat in the sauna, there is the difference between wet and dry steam and ways they’re affecting the body. If you plan to visit the sauna, meet the difference between wet and dry steam.

Differences between steams

The Finnish sauna is dry, with high temperature and without humidity. Turkish steam bath has 100 % humidity and lower temperature than Finnish sauna. Effect of sauna and steam bath is different but the aim is the same – to sweat.

Different ways of sweating

The way of the sweating is the main difference between wet and dry steam. Hot and dry steam in Finnish sauna results in faster sweating, drying of the organism and deep cleansing of the skin. Wet steam in Turkish bath warms the body inside and slows down the sweating process. Turkish sauna encourages digestion and eases digestion problems.