Twigs for the sauna

A vasta or vihta, whose name depends on the region, is a bundle of fresh birch twigs used for gently whipping the body. At the summer birch twigs are fresh, and in Finland, frozen twigs are available at supermarkets throughout the year. But you can buy twigs here online – Birch twigs for Sauna. Usually, Finnish use birch twigs. Instead of birch, oak, linden or fir twigs can be used. Using twigs is really good for the skin. Whipping with twigs draws warmth to the body and, at the end, use twigs instead of towel, to wipe the skin.

Birch twigs

Recommended for treatment of cold, asthma or, if you’re smoker, birch help clean the lungs and airways. Birch reduces pain in joints and muscles, cleanse the skin and conveniently affects the mood.

Oak twigs

Oak affects elasticity and it is very useful during the period of weigh loss. Furthermore, oak gives elasticity to skin and reduces the skin inflammation. The Strong fragrance of oak reduces willies. Order oak twigs here Oak bath broom Venik Broom for Sauna.

Using twigs

During summer, birch and oak twigs are fresh and easily available. During fall and winter, Finnish people use their own, or from supermarket, frozen twigs. Before the use split the twigs. If twigs are mobile, their substances penetrate the body and give a full effect. Fresh twigs should be damped in water before use, while dried ones put in warm water, then add hot water and leave it for few minutes. After that, twigs are ready for the sauna.