Seven types of saunas

Finnish people think that the only real sauna is the traditional Finnish sauna. However, there are seven different types of saunas. Difference between types of saunas is in the way of warming it, temperature and humidity inside. Wood burning sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna. Another type is a smoke sauna and it doesn’t have a chimney. Nowadays this kind of saunas are quite rare. Electrical saunas are available since the 1950s. The infrared heating system is based on the person’s body heat rather than on the air heating. In steam sauna humidity level is 100% and the temperature is lower than in a traditional Finnish sauna.

The biggest sauna

If you feel comfortable naked in front of strangers, you can visit big saunas that take dozens of people. The biggest sauna in the world you can visit in Norway, where it can accept 150 people and it offers a beautiful view over the Arctic ocean.

Private sauna

But if you’re shy or you don’t like to be surrounded by strangers, you can have your own sauna. It can be only for one person or for a whole family. You can have a sauna in the bathroom or anywhere inside the house or in the yard. Private sauna seems like a significant expenditure. But, once constructed, private sauna adds value to the home, requires very little upkeep and gives a lot of health benefits.

Traditional Finnish sauna

Wood burning sauna is the traditional type of sauna and it is the most popular one. The wood is used to heat the sauna by burning in the stove. Ideal temperature in this type of sauna is between 70 and 100° C while humidity is not higher than 15%. However, throwing water on the heated rocks controls humidity in the sauna. Almost Heaven Saunas Bluestone Indoor Sauna (2-3 person) is a good choice of the traditional sauna in your home.

Smoke sauna

Savusauna, as it is called, has a big wood-burning stove without a chimney. Today, this type of sauna is rare, it requires a lot of wood and many hours to heat up.

Electrically heated sauna

Majority of Finnish and people all over the world use the electrically heated saunas. Efficient, safe and easy to use, these saunas offer remote controls and the electric heater is wall or floor mounted. Different types of heaters are customized for different sauna sizes.

Infrared sauna

Designed like Finnish saunas but with the heating system based on person’s body heat. In infrared technology heat is penetrating the body and raises the temperature from the inside out. An infrared sauna is dry, offering no steam nor moist and results are as same as with traditional saunas. This type of sauna is very popular in the USA. Far Infrared Sauna – Canadian Hemlock Wood Dry Sauna Room is a sauna for 1-2 person, follow a link to check out more details.

Steam room

Turkish-style of sauna or, better, type of spa has a high level of humidity and lower temperature than Finnish sauna. The walls cover multicolored ceramic that reflects the spirit of the Orient. It has a different effect than a classical sauna. Steam sauna hydrates the skin, revitalize the airways and strengthens the immune system. The fragrance of essential oils provides a sense of comfort, releases stress and allows physical and mental relief.

Salty sauna

This type of sauna is good preparation for the other types of saunas. At first, taking a shower prepares the body for entering the sauna. After five minutes inside the sauna, people are rubbing salt into their skin. With this, they achieve peeling effect.

Bio sauna

Similar to a Finnish sauna, but with lower temperature and a higher percent of steam. Steam refines with essential oils like in Turkish sauna. The true effect in bio sauna is deeper breathing and clearing the airways.